POSCO DAEWOO, Implementing a Robust System of Fostering Exemplary Overseas Manpower

POSCO DAEWOO will implement a 'job rotation program at the headquarters' for global staff employed by overseas operations in order to improve the expertise of exemplary overseas manpower by nurturing them in a systematic way.

POSCO DAEWOO prioritizes the selection of leading talents who have exhibited the potential to lead overseas operations in the future, as well as specialists in strategic areas and core businesses, and then provides them with an opportunity to work in the Korean headquarters for six months to one year. After receiving Korean language and on-the-job training, they will be placed in the business divisions of the headquarters and can begin to carry out their work.

In April of last year, POSCO DAEWOO assigned a global staff member belonging to the Shanghai trading corporation in China to the New Growth Business Division of the headquarters for six months. The New Growth Business Division, which operates consumer goods business in China, achieved the desired results by undertaking this program, including ascertaining the trend of the consumer goods market in China, which is difficult to understand in detail from the perspective of the headquarters, and this paved the way for expanding this job rotation program.


Since June, this program has been ongoing in POSCO DAEWOO by selecting three global staff members from Beijing, its India subsidiary and Panama branch, and the company is planning to select two more candidates during the second half of the year.

Young-sang Kim, president of POSCO DAEWOO, emphasized, "Networking, which connects people all over the world, is the essence and the growth engine of our business. In particular, global staff members who directly engage our clients in our global business sites are indeed our core assets, so systematizing and implementing the framework for supporting their development is the proper way to lead us towards becoming a truly global company."

Trideep Roy, manager of the India subsidiary who joined the job rotation program, said, "It is a good opportunity to cooperate and learn the expertise and insights of trading specialists working in the headquarters and experience business operations while there. With this chance, I will seek out various ways to further target the Indian market thanks to staff from our headquarters."

POSCO DAEWOO, renowned for being a general trading company operating a variety of overseas businesses, is operating more than 80 overseas branches and subsidiaries. Among them, more than 800 global staff members in as many as 50 countries are working with sojourning employees sent from the headquarters. With this job rotation program, POSCO DAEWOO is expected to strengthen its global network to achieve great results in advancing as well as developing businesses as our global staff members deeply learn and understand business operations and the system devised by the headquarters.

News No: 1286
Date: 2017/09/10 - 12:06
News Source: POSCO

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