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IMIDRO’s Attention to Training, Research Sector

IMIDRO will pay special attention to training and research sector as the prerequisites of the technology and innovation development in mine and mining industries sector in the next Iranian year (20 March 2016_19 march 2017), Director of the IMIDRO’s training ,research and technology department announced.

In line with the IMIDRO’s policies and using potentials resulting from implementation of JACOPA and also elimination of limitations in technological training interactions with international leading centers in technology and knowledge expansion in mine and mining industries sector ,we will put an agenda  human resource training in global class, technical knowledge transfer and expansion of developing and applied researches with emphasis on high value added material and products which are used in new and modern technologies, Siasirad said.

In this way, we will use the maximum potential of domestic scientific and research centers and also private sector centers and international opportunities to fill in the technology and technical gap between Iran and developed countries as soon as possible, he continued.

In recent conditions sharp fall in crude oil and mining product prices and also facing with intensified demand  for required finance for new investment and completion of the semi-finished projects .in this way, IMIDRO is following two strategies, ”financing from foreign sources” and “finished price reduction”, he added.

So the mission of IMIDRO’s training, technology and research department is to promote productivity, especially human resource productivity, and optimization of manufacturing operations through design and implementation training courses in improvement of production engineering by controlling raw material, fault detection, capacity control and present necessary education for reducing production downtime, maintenance of physical assets, extending the useful life of machinery and equipment and standardizing usage of consumable elements and so on, he expressed.

News No: 237
Date: 2016/02/15 -
News Source: imidro

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