Russia’s Graphite Electrode Major Energoprom Group Announces Rebranding

Russian GE major Energoprom is rebranding the company and companies in control.

The decision on rebranding was also made due to development of the company’s new approach to the product quality improvement and the company positioning as an international player on the market of carbon and graphite products.

Along with the change of its corporate style the company changes over to its abbreviated name EPM, while the corporate colors will remain the same – grey, blue and yellow.

The previous logotype of the company  was created in 2006 and featured the stylized blue Latin letters EP, which symbolized cathode blocks. The new logotype has preserved the tradition and is designed in two colors in the form of the Latin letter E combining the forms of electrodes and cathode blocks, as well as the abbreviated name of the company – EPM.

Victor Nechuyatov, general director of ENERGOPROM MANAGEMENT JSC, said, “Currently the company is implementing a large-scale investment program aimed at the expansion of production capacities and improvement of the product quality. New quality of the products supposes new quality of the brand. EPM competes with the top world producers of carbon and graphite products today, and the company brand must meet modern global trends.”

Energoprom is Russia’s leading graphite electrodes manufacturer with a capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year.

News No: 2501
Date: 2018/11/06 - 01:38
News Source: SteelMint



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