Phase 13 Refinery Ready to Sweeten 56 mcm/d Gas

The onshore refining facility of South Pars Phase 13 is now prepared to be fed by all the gas produced at the offshore phase in the Persian Gulf.

Operator of SP 13 project Payam Motamed said that the refinery’s full gas sweetening capacity was operational as its 4th and last train had come online.

He said the train had the capacity of processing 6 mcm/d of rich gas for injection to the national gas distribution network.

Other trains of the refinery could process 14 mcm/d of gas, he added.

Motamed further said that the refinery was currently being fed by the gas recovered from phase 6 to 8 of the supergiant gas field which is shared by Iran and Qatar.

Phase 13 is being developed for production of 56 mcm/d of rich gas, 75,000 b/d of gas condensates, 400 tons/day of sulfur and 1.05 million tons per year of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and a million tons per year of ethane.

News No: 3143
Date: 2019/01/02 - 18:30
News Source: FARS News Agency

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