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Compressor Sazi Tabriz Co.

Compressor Sazi Tabriz Co.

Compressor Sazi Tabriz is the first and largest manufacturer of industrial compressors, screw compressors in the Middle East.

Compressor Sazi Tabriz is the first and largest manufacturer of air compressors for mining industry in the Middle East.

Compressor Sazi Tabriz company known as C.S.T, has been established under cover of Heavy Industrial Ministry, and Extension Modernization of Iranian Industries Organization, since 1975.

CST company started its production with two models of blade air compressor and three models of pneumatic tools under license of CompAir company.

CST factory is placed in 90,000 square meter industrial aria in Tabriz city, its location is 5min to railway station (5 km) and 10 min to airport (10 km), the construction aria of the factory expanding since 1990 and now the total construction aria is 33,000 square meter.

Since CST establishment and during more than 3 decades of CST foundation, this company has been the first and the biggest manufacturer of mining and industrial air compressors in middle east region, thus CST company has started manufacturing of Screw Air Compressor in association with Ingersolrand company since 1987, and by transferring its technology started to produce and sell all over the Iranian market.

 CST company is one of the major producers of CNG equipments in Iran since 2002, in association with the biggest and major companies in this field such as DELTA and KNOX WESTERN companies. CST company started manufacturing of CNG equipments after transferring needed knowledge and technology from Argentina and Canada countries, and now producing equipments under license of KNOX WESTERN company.

Moreover, to supply market demand specially major companies such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Power plant, CST company producing and suppling specific equpments as required.

R&D department researches are according to the market demand that leads to innovation of CST company productions.

In this regard, CST company is manufacturing many types of diesel compressors in all ranges of capacity and pressure for the first time in Iran and middle east region since 2009.

At last, it is necessary to mention that CST company has a long history to export its products to UK, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria for more than decades.

Designing, development and production of industrial and portable compressors and compressed air equipment including tanks, refrigeration and adsorption dryer, water separator, filtration, air tools, equipment of CNG fueling stations including the compressor package, dispensers, gas storage tanks and SCADA system, providing CNG equipment package with low capacity and establishing offices in organizations, barracks and as well as CNG equipment.

Products : Diesel compressors, Electrical compressors, Equipment such as : Tanks, Dryers, Filtration, Water Separator, Pneumatic Tools, CNG Equipment

Country: Iran
City: Tabriz

Contact Details:

Tel: +98 21 66592004 - 6
Fax: +98 21 66591710

3rd Fl., No. 2, Corner of Setareh Alley, Opp. to Laleh Park, North Kargar Ave., Tehran 1418663581, Iran

Factory Address:
P.O.Box : 518-137 Ghara Malek Industrial Estate, Tabriz, Iran

Factory Tel: +98 41 32896676 - 82
Factory Fax: +98 41 32893353

Company Personas & Designations:

Sajjad Azarm

CEO: Sajjad Azarm

Commercial Manager: Salman Gilani

Tel: +98 21 66592004 - 6

Sales & Marketing Manager: Alireza Jahanshahi

Tel: +98 41 32890021

After Sales Services Manager: Mir Javad Ojaghi

Tel: +98 41 32890019

CNG After Sales Services Manager: Alireza Mirza Zadeh

Tel: +98 41 32865553

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