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Negin Aluminium Golpayegan

Negin Aluminium Golpayegan

Negin Aluminium Golpayegan produces different kinds of aluminium ingots according to the international standards of BS (UK), DIN (Germany), AA (USA), JIS (Japan) and NF (France). Also it produces aluminium granola (aluminium hemisphere) for deoxidant in steel industries.

Negin's commercial activities are as follow:

Importing of raw materials and consumables to aluminium such as different kinds of aluminium based master alloys, silicon metal, magnesium ingot, metal manganese and etc... .

Also, materials used in casting such as refractory lace cloth and ceramic foam filter (CFF).

Products : Aluminium Ingots, Aluminium Granola, Aluminium Billets, Nickel, FeAl Tablet, Ceramic Foam Filter, Refractory Lace Cloth, Ceramic Foam Filter, Mg Ingot, Silicon Metal

Country: Iran
City: Golpayegan

Contact Details:

Tel: +98 21 49154
Fax: +98 21 44036007

Unit 10, 3rd Fl., No. 348, Between North Vafa Azar and Aqeel St., Ayatollah Kashani Blvd., Tehran, Iran

Factory Address:
No. 202, 2nd Ta'avon St., Golpayegan Industrial Estate, Golpayegan, Isfahan, Iran

Factory Tel: +98 31 57248067
Factory Fax: +98 31 57245766

Company Personas & Designations:

Meysam Mahdavi

The Chairman of the Board of Directors: Meysam Mahdavi

CellPhone: +98 913 1724675

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