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The possible Chinese coal link in Tesla’s Bitcoin binge

10 February 2021 - 05:57
There’s a pretty good chance that any new Bitcoin generated after the cryptocurrency’s Elon Musk-aided surge toward $50,000 will be sourced using cheap coal power in China’s Xinjiang.

Active, abandoned coal mines emit more methane than previously thought

8 February 2021 - 01:13
Methane emissions from coal mines are approximately 50% higher than previously estimated, according to a recent study by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the US Environmental Protection Agency, Raven Ridge Resources and Ruby Canyon Engineering.

Coal wins curious reprieve in Biden’s assault on climate change

29 January 2021 - 14:42
President Joe Biden enlisted the entire US government in the fight against climate change on Wednesday, even telling the Central Intelligence Agency to consider global warming a national security threat.

Glencore is looking lonely as rivals look to abandon coal

29 January 2021 - 14:35
Glencore Plc is cutting an increasingly isolated figure as a major coal miner as one by one its biggest rivals look to abandon the most polluting fuel.

Biden poised to freeze oil and coal leasing on federal land

29 January 2021 - 14:32
President Joe Biden is poised to suspend the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, which accounts for about 10% of US supplies, according to four people familiar with the matter.

China fails to learn from Trump backfire in trade war, is losing against Australia

29 January 2021 - 14:24
China is paying a heavy toll for its efforts to punish Australia by banning or restricting certain commodity imports, while conversely, Australia seems to have avoided any serious financial ramifications so far.

Australia trims resources revenue outlook on weaker coal, LNG exports

28 September 2020 - 23:14
Australia has pared its forecasts for mining and energy export revenue this year, as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and metallurgical coal earnings are forecast to be slightly weaker than earlier expected.

China coal mine accident kills 16, Xinhua says

28 September 2020 - 23:13
Sixteen people were killed in a southwest China coal mine accident on Sunday, the official Xinhua news agency said, the latest accident in a country with a poor history of industrial safety.

Peabody biggest loss follows writedown of top US coal mine

9 August 2020 - 01:31
Peabody Energy Corp. reported its biggest loss ever after writing down more than half the value of its North Antelope Rochelle mine in Wyoming.

Glencore’s Valeria coal mine granted special status

14 June 2020 - 01:03
Australia’s state of Queensland has granted Glencore’s (LON:GLEN) A$1.5 billion ($1bn) Valeria coal mine the status of “coordinated project”, which will see it fast-tracked as the nation looks for alternatives to kick start the recession-ridden economy.
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