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Extrugasa orders another extrusion press from Danieli Breda

13 November 2016
The new 45MN front-loading press will be the largest in Spain and one of the most modern worldwide

Tehran Hosts Alu-Tech Partnership Seminar

5 June 2016
The Iranian capital hosted the first Alu-Tech Partnership Seminar last week with a focus on technological developments in the production of structural parts as well as in automotive industry.

Great success at Interall ITA Seminar (Innovative Technologies for Aluminium)

24 December 2015
Great success in Dubai for the highly technical day that took place in order to explain the importance of innovation and the practical feasibility of the new technologies in aluminium extrusion and finishing and in waste water. The new concepts of green technology and the aluminium technology of the future have been presented in front of a special invitation audience of about 75 selected delegates, representing 38 companies from 13 middle east states.

Mercury Casting Contracts BuhlerPrince to Expand HPDC

4 October 2015
North America’s largest-dimension high-pressure die casting machine to debut next June
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