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China's Hebei outlines 2020 steel capacity cuts

9 January 2020 - 17:15
China's Hebei province will reduce crude steel production capacity by 14mn t/yr in 2020, as part of its plan to reduce 40mn t/yr of capacity during 2018-20.

Capitol Eye fostering towards recycling Aluminium packing

6 January 2020 - 18:56
Singapore’s first recycling drive for contact lens blisters is EYE FOR EARTH

Aluminium rod plants stop production in Henan on smog alert escalation

24 December 2019 - 17:52
According to Shanghai Metals Market, all aluminium rod plants in Jiaozuo of China’s top aluminium-producing province Henan are required to halt production, as the city has escalated smog alert to the highest level from 18: 00 CST December 23, 2019.

India’s coal sector reform faces delays

16 December 2019 - 19:19
India's plans to auction coal blocks for commercial mining are facing delays, mainly because of efforts to tighten the proposed pricing mechanism to lure international investors.

EU Agrees to Cut Emissions to Zero by 2050

14 December 2019 - 18:08
The European Union agreed to cut its total emissions to net-zero by 2050 after ten hours of debate as Eastern European states demanded financial help to hit the target.

Coal exports choked by green-minded towns on US west coast

4 December 2019 - 20:53
It’s about to get harder for America’s miners to ship coal to Asia.

Atlantic pellet: Murky price talks cloud 2020 outlooks

4 December 2019 - 18:27
Atlantic iron ore pellet market participants are still working to finalise some outstanding fourth quarter supply contracts, with the past year's murky price environment now exacerbating uncertainty over how and when 2020 supply contracts will be settled.

GECF: Gas Indispensable in Mitigating Climate Change

30 November 2019 - 18:11
Natural gas is an 'indispensable' part of the global energy mix needed to limit the impact of climate change and protect the environment, the Gas Exporting Countries' Forum (GECF) said Friday.

China launches three months of checks on coal mine safety

29 November 2019 - 21:00
China is carrying out a new round of safety inspections on coal mines across the country from Nov. 27 until Feb. 27, the National Coal Mine Safety Administration said on Thursday.

Scepticism over Portugal’s low-priced auction projects

29 November 2019 - 17:10
Market participants have cast doubt on the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects that won grid injection capacity in Portugal's auctions at very low prices.
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