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Great success at Interall ITA Seminar (Innovative Technologies for Aluminium)

Great success in Dubai for the highly technical day that took place in order to explain the importance of innovation and the practical feasibility of the new technologies in aluminium extrusion and finishing and in waste water. The new concepts of green technology and the aluminium technology of the future have been presented in front of a special invitation audience of about 75 selected delegates, representing 38 companies from 13 middle east states.


The seminar has been organized by Interall, the Meeting and Event Publisher organizer of international congresses and seminars on aluminium around the world.

The seminar was also characterized by the highly qualified companies that developed the new technologies: Italtecno, specialized in aluminium surface treatments, Tecam, expert in systems and equipments for waste water treatment and Turla, specialist in the Aluminium Extrusion field manufacturing wrapping machines and complete packing lines for extruded aluminium.

The edition of this highly qualified seminar was opened by Turla company that pointed the attention to ADAM - Advanced Data Acquisition & Management, the modern software where data are collected, analyzed, automatically elaborated and, above all, used to automatically set-up machines in a closed loop through program logic control PLC.

The presentation of Eco+logic 2.0 the system for saving Energy at Extrusion Press pointed out how energy consumption is a driving factor to choose any industrial system. Turla Eco+logic 2.0 is the solution that optimizes press energy consumption.

Coming to finishing subjects, Italtecno presented Innovative sealing technology with better corrosion resistance to alkali for architectural and decorative markets, and the intelligent automation dosing of chemicals. The presentation of AluDecor and graphic anodizing, the art of aluminium finishing was the subject of a great interest.

A new anodizing technology was presented by the speech Hardfast new anodizing technology for better quality, hardness, colourability.


The field of waste water treatment and the new concepts of green technology has been presented by Tecam company, with a particular emphasis on reverse osmosis and zero discharge.


All the papers were extremely interesting and particularly topical: please see below all the titles of the presentations and the names of the speakers that presented their innovative technologies.


This proves how much Interall and the companies that presented their researches around the world in 2015 believe that innovation is the main “engine” for the continuous development of the surface treatments of aluminium, with many advantages as regards competition for all those industries of this field that will decide to innovate.

All the conference delegates pointed out the value of receiving up-to-date information and business contacts.

Alessandro Guerrini, Luca Lorini, Davide Turla(Turla):

  • Log gas heater STeP5—Lowest gas consumption heater in the world
  • ADAM—Advanced data acquisition management
  • Extrusion press—Eco + Logic 2.0


Davide Turla (Turla):

  • How to extrude 3D curved profiles and comparison with 3D roll forming after extrusion


Marcello Rossi, Fabio Vincenzi (Italtecno):

  • BE10: Acid Etch advantages versus Alkaline Etch
  • Hardfast new anodizing technology for better quality, hardness, colourability
  • AluDecor and graphic anodizing: the art of aluminium finishing
  • Innovative sealing technology with better corrosion resistance also to alkali for architectural, decorative and automotive markets. Nickel Free cold seal
  • Intelligent automation and Wi-Fi automatic dosing of chemicals
  • Enhanced environmental solutions allow cost reduction and increased quality of final product (how to keep sulphates lower than 150 ppm, how to reduce the amount of sludge 50%), how to save water, etc.). How to get zero liquid discharge with innovative technology


Vincenzo Longo (Tecam):

  • Reverse osmosis in aluminium finishing waste waters treatment
  • Feasibility studies: ROI (Return On Investment)and BATEA Criteria (Best Available Technology Economical Achievable) for waste water treatment technology
  • Waste water treatment and zero discharge


Marcello Rossi, Fabio Vincenzi (Italtecno):

  • Ecological and safe coloured passivation of aluminium before coating without chrome
  • Alternative solutions for powder coating plants
  • Automatic cleaning of extrusion dies and caustic soda recovery (Die Clar and Christalfix): case history in the largest extruder in Europe.

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Date: 2015/12/24 -
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