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Iranian Websites Helping Jobseekers

Local startups have launched online services connecting jobseekers and businesses with vacancies. Some of the famous names are Iran Talent, Ponisha and Jobinja, but there also newcomers.

Startups have made visible progress in Iran is diverse fields and have a notable share when it comes to creating much-needed jobs for the army of youth in general and university grads in particular.

Despite the right qualifications many have to struggle to get a permanent and decent job unless of course one has somebody (a higher-up friend or relative willing to make a strong recommendation). The startups help in building connections and find better jobs. The government and senior officials admit that due to the bad economic conditions joblessness is its Achilles heels with an ending list of people on the dole queues.


The local startup ‘Lancerify’ has launched a new website under the address which enables university students and graduates to find work as a freelancer.

According to the local technology website Webna, those looking for work can register with the platform for free and upload their curriculum vitae on Lancerify.

The job hunting platform also operates as a business and employment oriented social networking service through which users can browse portfolios of others, and connect with peers and professionals.

Lancerify says it aims to enable students and graduates to earn money out of their education and skills. More often than not, university graduates have few if any options but to take jobs not related to their field of study or do other low-paid work.

Lancerify provides novices with tips and tricks to make their portfolio more impressive.

Jobs are listed under different categories on the website, including IT and programming, arts and design, multimedia, copywriting and translation, managing, accounting, sales and marketing, science and engineering, and law and consultancy.

Job seekers can go through the website and apply for freelance jobs of their choice. Later, employers select applicant(s) who suit their needs best.

So far some 650 freelancers and 200 businesses have registered with the platform and more than 20 projects have been carried out since the website was launched less than a month ago. Currently, 150 jobs are listed on the website that users can apply.

 Other Newcomers

Another recently launched platform is ‘Startup Fly’. This Persian social media network aims to connect entrepreneurs and investors.

Startup Fly is a platform similar to other social media networks like Facebook. However, like Linkedin, only professionals and entrepreneurs can create an account with the service.

According to the Startup Fly website, it helps entrepreneurs to find like-minded people in the growing market of knowledge-based companies.

Startups and individuals can use the platform to club together teams of experts and share their experience and expertise. Investors are also welcome to join the online community.

The newly launched website offers similar services to Startup Fly. Companies can create accounts with Chala and promote their products through the service.,, and are other thriving websites offering similar services.

News No: 1519
Date: 2017/11/08 - 01:19
News Source: Financial Tribune

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