Maanshan orders new bloom caster from Danieli

It will be one of the most innovative casters in China and in the world.

With five strands and a 14-m nominal radius, the machine will cast three section sizes ranging from 250x250 up to 380x450 mm. The product mix will include a large proportion of high-carbon grades like bearing and spring steels, which will be rolled into small bars and high-speed wirerod.

A tundish induction heating system will control tundish steel temperatures, reducing the number of impurities in the mould.

Among other main technological features, soft/hard reduction modules capable of reaching high-reduction ratios and superior control of central porosity and segregation has to be mentioned.

The installation of twin modules -first of its kind in China-  will make possible to limit the space between reduction rolls, increasing the number of passes and consequently achieving a greater overall reduction.

The overall control of soft/hard reduction will be managed by Danieli Automation “Liquid Pool Control Model” paired with L1 and L2 systems.

The new caster will be installed next to another Danieli five-strand machine for round blooms, supplied 7 years ago and casting some of China’s best quality round blooms.

Both casters will operate stirring technology which ensure the best quality for all sections and grades.

News No: 2530
Date: 2018/11/07 - 21:02
News Source: Danieli

Danieli  Maanshan  bloom caster  bearing and spring steel 


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