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Iranian Android Market Records 40 Million Active Users

Iranian Android market Cafe Bazaar says it has more than 40 million active users. Public relations office of Hezar Dastan Holding, owner of Cafe Bazaar, said this week that the number of active Bazaar users has surpassed 40 million.

The Android market’s website and application are visited 6 million times every day. Over 164,000 mobile applications and games have been published on the platform.

Furthermore, about 20,000 developer teams have published their products on Bazaar.

According to the firm, in the Iranian fiscal that ended in March 2018, local Android developer teams made 1.8 trillion rials ($12.4 million) in revenues from selling apps through Bazaar.

The figures reflect the fast-growing ICT sector, putting it under the spotlight and attracting investors. According to recent reports, direct in the growing sector is 31,000.

Over the past eight years, the company has released seven major updates for Bazaar’s mobile app.

In June 2018, in collaboration with local IPTV service provider AIO, Bazaar started offering video streaming services.

News No: 4291
Date: 2019/04/10 - 08:25
News Source: Financial Tribune

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