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Mobarakeh teachers have their own educational center, jointly built by MSC

An education-welfare center for teachers was launched in Mobarakeh on Benevolence Day (March 5), with the education minister in attendance.

The opening ceremony for the center which was jointly built by Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) was also attended by the MP representing Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the director general of Isfahan Provincial Education Department, director of Isfahan Provincial Department for Development, Renovation and Equipping Schools, and the province’s Friday prayer leaders, as well as Mobarakeh’s governor, managers and officials and a host of MSC managers and deputies.

Education minister thanks MSC contribution to education center

Education Minister Mohammad Bathaei said in the ceremony it is praiseworthy that Mobarakeh Steel Company, Mobarakeh MP and officials together with benevolent people have joined hands to open an education-welfare center for teachers, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.

He thanked all those who contributed to this project and said the main responsibility of teachers and those involved in education affairs is to train the next generations that build the future of this country. “Humans take center stage in efforts aimed at training. Teachers clear the path for society to make progress. That’s why a step taken for teachers is a step in the right direction.”

When teachers attend classes with peace of mind, he said, their calm manner will directly show itself in the whole class and will influence the students.

MP: As an excellent organization, MSC pays attention to both social responsibility, economic activities      

Later in the ceremony, Zahra Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said that since 2004, people in Mobarakeh, especially teachers, had been eagerly waiting for the launch of this project which has absorbed around 5.2 billion tomans in investment. “Hereby, I would like to thank the management of Mobarakeh Steel Company and all those who took steps, even one single step, toward completing this project. On the back of tireless efforts of all people involved in the project, the stage has been set for teachers and their families to use the facility during the Nowruz (New Year) holiday.”

She went on to say that it is an outstanding feature of an excellent organization like Mobarakeh Steel Company that undertakes its social responsibility as it handles its economic activities. MSC has taken giant steps toward its social responsibility.”

The MP stressed the importance of completing such projects for teachers and said teachers are the real heroes of society when it comes to culture and awareness. “To have a dynamic and lively society, undoubtedly, we need to set the stage for teachers to be dynamic and vibrant. If we intend to overcome economic problems, we need to provide the educated class of teachers with the facilities they need.”

Ms. Saeedi also brought up issues related to teachers’ livelihood, pay and retirement and asked for the removal of those problems.

MSC is honor of Mobarakeh, entire Iran

For his part, Mobarakeh Friday prayer leader Mehdi Mousavi told the correspondent of Steel Newsletter that the interaction between industrial units such as Mobarakeh Steel Company and the region is structural, especially when it comes to cultural issues and social responsibility. “On the one hand, industries emerge from the education sector and universities, and on the other, industries can pave the way for scientific centers to practically experience their findings. This interaction, by and large, helps the country walk down the path to technological progress.”

The central city of Mobarakeh has properly tapped the existing industrial potential, he said, adding Mobarakeh makes progress industrially as Mobarakeh Steel Company grows. “We should bear in mind that cultural capabilities have had a say in the industrial growth in this region.”

In conclusion, the Friday prayer leader said Mobarakeh Steel Company is the pride of this city and the entire country, adding Iranians all over the country pray for the managers and personnel of the steel giant.

MSC has always fared well as far as social responsibility is concerned 

Mobarakeh Governor Hamid Asarzadegan told the ceremony that Mobarakeh Steel Company has always had a good performance when it comes to undertaking its social responsibility. He then thanked MSC managers and all those individuals and government bodies that contributed to the inauguration of the facility.

He said the Education Ministry is expected to pay due attention to renovation and improvement of schools in Mobarakeh and that despite the current problems the personnel of the Education Department are doing their best to steadfastly promote science and knowledge.

MSC has spared no effort to accomplish its mission on social responsibility front

Meanwhile, MSC deputy director in charge of implementing expansion projects Ahmad Saeedbakhsh said that today in developed and developing countries the question of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or social ethics goes beyond simply respecting customer rights, and offering reasonable prices and quality products. “In addition to buyers, stakeholders and shareholders, CSR includes a variety of issues such as support for the environment and the entitlements of humans, and development of surrounding environments.”

He went on to say that as a giant steelmaker, Mobarakeh Steel Company is not an exception. “MSC has favorably played its role in CSR, and this company has handled development projects in its surrounding areas and beyond, all across the country.”

Those involved in teaching are instrumental in training people in society, laying the foundation for national development and educating future generations, he said. “Mobarakeh Steel Company has spared no effort to honor the dignity of teachers. The education-welfare centers, which are known as “Teacher’s Houses” in the country, render numerous services to teachers and their families.

Commitment by organizations to social responsibility amounts to creation of shared value in society

Iraj Torabi, who heads the Public Relations Office at MSC, expressed satisfaction with the launch of the center and said education and cultural growth is key to human growth and excellence. “As long as cultural and educational structures are properly defined, operationalized and institutionalized in societies, the communities will move toward perfection, development and excellence in a balanced way. As members of society, organizations and industries can honor their commitments, undertake their social responsibility and join hands with other officials and benevolent people to create employment, entrepreneurship and shared value by participating in cultural and development projects and the country’s development drive.”

Since its foundation, Mobarakeh Steel Company has given top priority to undertaking social responsibility, he said, adding the following are a number of measures MSC has taken to carry out its CSR: building a couple of schools, educational centers as well as cultural and healthcare facilities in the province and the region; assisting the help-seekers of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee; rushing to the help of the victims of natural disasters; and partnering [with other institutes] in projects designed to render services to teachers and their families.
In conclusion, Torabi expressed hope that Islamic Iran will grow more and more thanks to the growing interaction between society and the industry sector.     

MSC managers have always had constructive cooperation with Education Department

Later, Director General of Isfahan Province Education Department Mohammad Etedadi said in the ceremony that the launch of the education-welfare center in Mobarakeh is a step toward respecting and honoring teachers and those involved in education.

He thanked Mobarakeh Steel Company for its contribution to the project and said that in all periods [since the company’s foundation] MSC’s managers and deputies have established close and constructive cooperation with the Education Department in the province, an interaction which deserves appreciation.

He also expressed gratitude for follow-up measures by Mobarakeh MP in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the governor, benevolent people, government bodies and all those who contributed – one way or another – to the completion of the project.

By tapping MSC scientific, tech potential, education sector can effectively help create employment in Mobarakeh 

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Director of Mobarakeh Education Department Saeed Bagheri told our reporter that in line with undertaking its social responsibility, Mobarakeh Steel Company has unfailingly had constructive cooperation with the Education Department in Mobarakeh.     

He further said his department has plans to enhance interactions with the giant steelmaker, especially by setting the stage for maximum use by technical colleges and vocational schools of scientific and technological achievements of Mobarakeh Steel Company. “We believe that by tapping into MSC’s scientific and technological potential and experiences, the Education Department can effectively pave the way for creating employment in Mobarakeh.”

He said MSC played a constructive role in completing and launching a dental care center for teachers and a teachers’ education-welfare center in Mobarakeh and added these projects had been left abandoned due to lack of finances. “Thanks to tireless efforts of Mobarakeh Steel Company and officials in Mobarakeh, these projects were finalized and became operational.”

It should be noted that a stamp bearing the image of the launch of the teachers’ education-welfare center was unveiled in the ceremony.

News No: 4356
Date: 2019/04/17 - 11:00
News Source: MSC

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