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MSC wins award for management of innovation and technology

A 6th edition of Iran National Award for Management of Innovation and Technology (IRAMIT) has handed its award for management of innovation and technology to Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC).

The minister of communications and technology, a host of state officials, academics, innovation and technology management policymakers, representatives of successful technology and innovation-based businesses and assessors were on hand for the daylong event which was hosted by the Information Technology Organization in Tehran on March 5.

According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, the event featured three distinct categories, namely, industrial and service institutions, small-sized technology- and knowledge-based companies, and holding companies.

For the first time in the 6-year history of the event, two firms were shortlisted by the assessment committee to receive the bronze award. Finally, Mobarakeh Steel Company walked away with the award as the first industry without direct links to technology.

MSC Vice-President of Technology Manouchehr Nikfar, who received the award on behalf of the MSC managing director, later told the correspondent of Steel Newsletter that research is the linchpin of MSC policies. “It was thanks to the attention MSC pays to research into management of innovation and technology that Mobarakeh Steel Company won the award. This achievement is a harbinger of more indigenized modern technologies for MSC.”

He went on to say that today the role information technology plays in the industries is vital and that MSC has institutionalized this in its management.

Nikfar further said that MSC uses various technology management assessment models in its bid to secure sustainability in competitiveness and in profitability.

He hailed the efforts of the experts and researchers of MSC Management of Technology Department and said the steelmaker’s efforts to develop the knowledge needed for the management of innovation and technology are bearing fruit. “Along the way, MSC has built on the experience and knowledge of its experts, researchers, consultants, academic centers and consultation services of international research networks.”

In response to a question on the importance of indigenization in the steelmaking giant, the MSC technology chief said given the advantages steelmakers hold, the efforts of knowledge-based companies in indigenization of technology and creation of innovation could prove effective. “MSC has developed its own outlook document when it comes to management of innovation and technology. In doing so, we have focused our utmost attention on application of the latest technology models to set the stage for organizational progress.”

He said when MSC technological promotion becomes operational, the steelmaker can secure sustainability in competitiveness and in profitability and above all promote the quality of its products and increase customer satisfaction.

Nikfar further stated that there is a surplus capacity in the steel sector in the world and that the industry is facing hurdles in making more optimal use of resources, adapting itself to the environment, producing the so-called green steel and rolling out high-strength products. “Expansion of knowledge on new fronts, especially in research and innovation and in application of modern technologies can help the industry sector clear these hurdles.”

As for the approach of MSC when it comes to the management of innovation and technology, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company seeks to roll out new products and expand their production, transform itself as a company that relies on others to a holding company, secure the technology to produce equipment with state-of-the-art technology, get the technical know-how to set up steelmaking plants in the world, develop relevant information technology and attain operational excellence in steelmaking.

Later, Shahram Abbasi, PhD, who heads the Research and Development Department of MSC talked about MSC’s experience in technology management and said such management is meant to identify and share its achievements in the field of technological advancements and commercialization of innovations. He also expounded on the growing role of innovation in the industry sector.

News No: 4357
Date: 2019/04/17 - 11:08
News Source: MSC

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