Tendencies of development in the Russian Foundry Industry 2019

Russia`s cast production ranks at about 4.25 million t p.a. (2017) ranks 6th worldwide after China, India, USA, Japan and Germany and thus accounts for about 4% of world production.

During the international exhibition Litmash, as always very well organized by Messe Düsseldorf and Micha Mandel and his team, Prof. Ivan Dibrov from the Russia Foundry Association gave speech about the current status and perspectives for the Russian foundry industry.

Russia wants to produce 8 million tons of castings per year by 2030
Most foundries in Russia produce for the needs of their own industry or are in-house foundries. The main customers are Automotive, Agriculture and Railway, with cast iron accounting for over 52%, Steel 27% and Aluminum 14%.

In view of many challenges Russia faces in achieving this goal, Dibrov expects about 5.2 million t to be produced in 2020 and up to 8 million t of cast p.a. in 2030, in addition to more steel and Non-Ferrous production.

As far as cast imports are concerned, the numbers are still stable despite all the restrictions. In 2016, 33% came from the EU, followed by imports from China and the former states of the Soviet Union (CiS).

Dibrov sees significant problems in capacity utilization in Russian foundries, which currently stands at just 32%, and business productivity could also be significantly better.

In order to pursue the ambitious goals by 2030, it would also be necessary to look to Europe in the future for the best equipment.

Litmash offered the best opportunity to meet almost all well-known companies and suppliers this year, and provided them the opportunity to present their machines and products, and expand and strengthen established connections.

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Date: 2019/05/31 - 19:52
News Source: Foundry Planet

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