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The Essentiality of the Development of the Industry of Paper Production from Stones

Me-Metals: The executor of the sodium carbonate paper production plan of Aligoodarz emphasized the need in the development of paper production industry from stones in the country.

Reported by ME-METALS, saying on behalf of RADIO Eghtesad, Gholam Reza Hashemi Marand, mentioning the construction plan of the plant of paper production from stones in the town of Aligoodarz in the Lorestan province added: This plan has played a very significant role in the reduction of tree cutting and is consequently categorized as an eco-friendly plan.

He also declared: Paper production from stones has a major range of utilization; as such paper is fireproof, water resistant and inflammable.

The executor of the sodium carbonate paper production plan of Aligoodarz said: The initial production capacity of this plan has been expected to be 10,000 tons, but can be amounted to 30,000 tons.

Moreover, replying to the question that why Aligoodarz has been selected to execute the project of paper production from stones, he said: Being located in the vicinity of enriched sodium carbonate resources and also the existence of multiple plants of sodium carbonate powder production are two of the main reasons.

Pointing out that 2 million tons of cellulose paper are annually imported to Iran, Hashemi Marand also declared: Unfortunately, nowadays the importation of this type of paper has encountered some problems, as of which we can name high using of US currency. 

He said: The growth and development of the paper production industry in the country are essential, because this industry has an important role at the exchange savings, supplying a part of the needed paper, employment, reduction of tree cutting and etc.

The executor of the sodium carbonate paper production plan of Aligoodarz added, also declaring that Iran owns enriched resources in order to produce paper from stone: Apart from those resources, the costs of paper production by the above-mentioned method would be less expensive.

He continued: For example, the importation of cellulose paper costs at the moment between 24-28,000 tomans per Kilogram; whereas, the price of the same paper type, produced by two plants in Iran and high in quality, is 17,000 tomans per Kilogram.

Translation by: M. Payehghadr

News No: 4863
Date: 2019/06/10 - 23:30
News Source: ME-METALS

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