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Italy Determined to Ease Trade with Iran

Italian Ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone announced that his country is determined to provide Iranian parties with transparent and precise information to further facilitate the expansion of commercial relations and widen the scope of joint projects between the two countries.

Perrone announced the readiness of the Italian embassy for any cooperation with the Iranian parties, saying his country is working to provide clear and precise information to advance joint work because the information in the business activities plays an important role.

The Iran-Italy Joint Chambers of Commerce Assembly was held in Tehran at the presence of Iran's Head of Chamber of Commerce and new Italian ambassador to Tehran. During the meeting, while reviewing the available ways to strengthen the economic relations between the two countries, especially in the particular circumstances of Iran, the election of the members of the Executive Board for the next three years was also held.

Qolamhossein Shafeyee, the Chairman of the Private Sector Parliament, assessed the relationship between Iran and Italy both politically and economically at a good level, and ensured that the extensive economic relations between the two countries would strengthen political relations.

He emphasized looking at the statistics and data, “Last year, we saw the sending of highest number of delegations and admissions between the two countries. On the other hand, these moves have been done at a high level, indicating a special relationship between Iran and Italy.”

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce emphasized the efforts of governments to confront constraints and pressures from sanctions, and went on to say, “In this situation, we expect the government and the Italian Embassy in Tehran to take more steps to improve the relations and cooperation between Iran and Italy and fix the available problems.”

Pointing out that he has just started his mission as an ambassador to Iran, Perrone said, "Given the level and type of relations that exist between Iranian and Italian economic activists, it seems that the grounds for cooperation is very wide. In fact, the activities of the joint Chamber of Iran and Italy show that there is a high interest in cooperation between the two countries, and according to the statistics, Italy is one of the main trading partners of Iran.

"Given the pressure from the sanctions imposed on both Iranian partners and businessmen, it should be noted that we are in a special situation. Under such circumstances, there are overlapping responsibilities for governments and even the private sector. So, along with my other colleagues at the embassy, ​​I attended this meeting to get close to the people who work with the Italian market,” he went on to say.

Late in May, Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohsen Salehinia said that the president of Italian Parts Manufacturers’ Association and chairman of Autopromatec Exhibition have voiced readiness to enhance cooperation with Iranian automobile parts manufacturers.

An Iranian delegation headed by Salehinia visited the International Biennial Exhibition of Automotive Equipment and Accessories “Autopromatec 2019” in Italy’s Bologna where the Iranian side met and held talks with the president of Italian Parts Manufacturers’ Association and chairman of Autopromatec Exhibition on the first day of the event.

“Autopromatec 2019” kicked off on May 22 with the participation of 32 countries and more than 1,500 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of manufacturing automotive parts and after-sales services. More than 30 automotive parts manufacturing companies participated in this event and showcased their latest achievements to visitors.

During the meeting, the Iranian and Italian parts manufacturing companies promised to enhance their cooperation in relevant field.

It was agreed that parts manufacturers of the two sides provide their required parts within the framework of bartering method.

Earlier in May, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Manlio Di Stefano, in a meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Qolamreza Ansari, underlined that his country is reviewing details for joining the Instrument for Supporting Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) mechanism designed to bypass the US sanctions against Tehran.

During the meeting on May 07 in Rome, Manlio Di Stefano said that Italy was interested in the EU's trade mechanism and was considering the details to join it, stressing the importance of the nuclear deal and the need for the signatories to fulfill their obligations.

"We are focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, and we want to provide aid for the Italian companies willing to cooperate with Iran and based on this, the best way to support the companies is through the INSTEX mechanism," Di Stefano added.

Ansari, for his part, stressed the need for the nuclear agreement's sides to fulfill their commitments and called the formation of the financial mechanism, INSTEX, as a practical measure in line with the commitments of the European parties.

Ansari also expressed hope that by joining other business parties such as Italy to this mechanism, the trade process of two countries will return to the previous trend. 

He also stressed the importance of paying attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, and described as vital their role in developing economic relations between the two key countries.


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