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Iranian airlines to offer satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi: Official

A senior Iranian transportation official said airlines in the country are preparing to offer satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi service as access to high-speed Internet during flights becomes more necessary for passengers.

Shahram Adamnejad, a deputy transportation minister, said that major government departments, including Iran’s Ministry of Communications, were contributing to plans to launch satellite Internet service during flights by Iranian carriers.

“Domestic private companies providing satellite services are now capable of offering (in-flight Wi-Fi) services through the hub inside the country and international satellites,” Adamnejad told IRNA, adding that airlines were carrying out feasibility studies on the issue.

The official said a full launch of in-flight Wi-Fi by Iranian airlines would significantly boost entertainment services offered across the transportation system in the country, including on rail and in shipping.

Officials in the Iranian Space Agency said last month that they were working with Iran Civil Aviation Organization to speed up the launch of Internet services during flights by Iranian airlines.

Some Iranian carriers have been offering Internet to their VIP passengers through air-to-ground (ATG) service, a technology which means the service could be very slow in places where the coverage is poor.

Major international airlines have tried to replace the ATG service with satellite-based Internet as they seek better revenues through amenities offered to passengers.

The new technology can also help carriers optimize the use of technical specifications in the cockpit, including those related to routes, weather and maintenance issues.

Plans by Iranian airlines to launch in-flight Wi-Fi come as some of them have suffered in recent years from sanctions imposed by the United States.

Washington has accused Iranian carriers of helping Iran develop its nuclear and missile programs, allegations that have repeatedly been rejected by both aviation and military officials.

News No: 5761
Date: 2019/08/05 - 22:08
News Source: Iran Daily

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