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John Farrer & Co. unveils a range of recyclable aluminium coffee capsules

Coffee roaster John Farrer & Co. (Kendal) Limited has reportedly launched a range of recyclable aluminium coffee capsules, in a bid to mark the 200th year of the company’s anniversary and address the problem of plastic waste.

Farrer chose to use aluminium for their capsules for several reasons. Firstly, the system that is used to make aluminium capsules protects both taste and quality of the coffee and secondly, because of the fact aluminium is recyclable and can be reused in myriad of applications like bicycles, food and medicine packaging, construction materials, and electronic components and electrical power transmission.

Once the capsules are used and disposed of, they are collected and sent to recycling plants for smelting and reusing. 

Besides, aluminium recycling is economically and environmentally effective, as it requires only five per cent of the energy used to make primary aluminium, while retaining the same properties as the parent metal. Besides, recycling aluminium also reduces the need to source aluminium ore.

The Farrer’s capsules are compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines and are available with three coffee flavours – Colombian, intense, and decaf.

Farrer’s General Manager, Dave Walsh, commented: “As a company we have taken a great deal of time and care to research the best materials with which to create our capsules. We wanted to use a system that is genuinely 100% recyclable and maintained the integrity and quality of our coffee. Aluminium is a high demand material, that can be used for a diverse range of applications, but because of its material structure is fully recoverable and not only that the recycling and repurposing process uses very little energy, a closed loop recycling system, which is the perfect outcome. Not because of the material’s storage properties we can also guarantee that coffee delivered by this system will be the same high-quality time and time again.’’

News No: 5794
Date: 2019/08/06 - 19:41
News Source: Alcircle

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