Iran exporting more than $ 8 billion to Iraq per year

The head of technical and engineering service commission of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce, Reza Mounesian said it’s important to know the ways of trading with Iraq because of close economic and trade relations between Tehran and Baghdad.

Mentioning that Iraqi market has lots of advantages, he said, “Shared border, several terminals, easy transportation and short distance between the two countries are among common advantages between Iran and Iraq”.

Noting that China, India, US, South Korea and Iran are Iraq’s trade partners, the official stated, “Iran exports more than $8 billion to Iraq per year and given the industrialization of Iraq, in the future the number should be increased”.

He stressed that attending exhibitions, sending trade delegations, establishing export management companies and using social media are ways of introducing Iranian products to Iraqi market.

News No: 5905
Date: 2019/08/13 - 23:23
News Source: ISNA

economic and trade  Reza Mounesian  Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber 


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