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Official says Chabahar port, hub of int'l trade

Port of Chabahar is a shortcut hub for international trade of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the route for outside world of the Central Asian states, an Iranian official said on Saturday.

Deputy Governor of Sistan Baluchestan Province, southeastern Iran, Rahmdel Bameri told IRNA that the port with access to open seas can be the fastest route for the supply of essential goods of the country.

Referring to the launch of shipping lines between Chabahar and India, the official said that the direct contact of traders with Indian ships can reduce the costs and improve the pace of traffic of goods.

Chabahar Port, as one of the main ports in southern Iran, enjoys a strategic position as it lies to the north of the Gulf of Oman and has access to international waters, he said.

"On the other hand, the port's proximity to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Central Asia, as well as its connection to the national railway network in near future will play a big role in the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC)," the governor said.

News No: 5914
Date: 2019/08/14 - 00:03
News Source: Iran Daily

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Iran to Open 18 Pet-Chem Projects in Chabahar Port

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