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Liquid Pool Control Model for Long Products Casting

Třinecké Železárny ordered the Danieli Automation 3Q LPC model to estimate casting product temperatures for two continuous casting machines at its operation in the Czech Republic.

The long-products steelmaker produces more than 2.5 million tons/year for Eastern European markets, including wirerod, shaped steel, special steel rod, drawn bars, rails, wide steel, seamless tubes and semi-finished products.

Třinecké Železárny supplies over a third of all steel produced in the Czech Republic.

Danieli Automation has provided the 3Q LPC off-line, liquid pool control model for two CCMs, which is a real-time mathematical model that estimates the product temperatures. The Q3 LPC can simulate casting process steel temperatures by setting several process variables, including steel grade and product dimensions, among other things

The main output information will be temperature distribution along strand and solid/liquid fraction distribution along the strand.

Start-up and commissioning for 3Q LPC are foreseen in coming months.


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