Swiss Gov't Approves Changes to Iran DTA

The Swiss Federal Council adopted a dispatch on a protocol to the double tax agreement (DTA) with Iran on Oct. 23, which implements the minimum standards for such agreements.

The council said that the protocol contains an anti-abuse clause that refers to the main purpose of an arrangement or transaction, reported on Monday. 

The protocol, signed in June, also includes a provision on the exchange of information upon request. It must now be ratified by both countries before it can enter into force.

News No: 7041
Date: 2019/10/29 - 20:05
News Source: Financial Tribune

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Commission Approves Income Tax Exemption Rates

The Majlis Joint Commission has decided that government employees who earn less than 360 million rials ($2,769) per year will be exempted from paying income tax as of the next Iranian year (starting March 20, 2020)

85% of Tax Revenues Collected From 3 Percent of Taxpayers

Eighty-five percent of Iran's tax revenues come from only 3% of taxpayers, according to the head of Majlis Economic Commission, Eliyas Hazrati.

Eliminating tax exemption in free zones not on agenda

The secretary of Iranian Free Zones High Council said eliminating tax exemptions in the country’s free zones is not on the agenda of any official government or legislative bodies, IRNA reported.

Budget bill to include development, employment, subsidy plans

Head of Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) said that three biennial plans on development, subsidies and employment will be attached to the national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year of 1399 (begins on March 20, 2020) to be submitted to the parliament.

CGT bill to be submitted to cabinet in a week

Capital gains tax (CGT) bill will be submitted to the cabinet by the end of the current Iranian calendar month of Mehr (October 22), or at most in the first half of the next calendar month of Aban, Iranian deputy finance and economic affairs minister told Mehr news agency on Wednesday.

Industry ministry to amend tax exemption regulations for free zones

Iran’s Deputy Finance and Economic Affairs Minister said the ministry is planning on amending the regulations pertain to tax exemptions in the country’s free economic zones
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