Iran unveils chain of 30 advanced IR6 centrifuges

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) on Monday unveiled a chain of 30 advanced IR6 centrifuges.

Today, we made operational a chain of 30 advanced IR6 centrifuge machines. Here, there is a set titled S8 and there are some centrifuges which go under processing and mechanical stabilizing tests and then will be delivered to a pit which is the main place for the centrifuges, therefor, here is a place of testing, research and development,” AEOI chief Ali Akbar Salehi explained. 

He further said, “The total number of centrifuges which we have installed over the last two months stands at 15 new generation centrifuges which is a great achievement. Dear Iranian people should be informed that the country’s experts in the Atomic Energy Organization have been very active and the organization’s activities have never been halted.”

“If we were inactive, we could not add over 2,660 SWUs (separative work unit) to the operation capacity which is 6,000 SWUs. Our capacity has now reached to 8,660 SWUs, in the meantime, our uranium production which before the organization’s third step (of reducing Iran’s commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was only 450 grams per day, has now increased to over 5,000 grams each day,” the AEOI head stated. 

“Today (Monday), we had three symbolic unveiling ceremonies. We made operational a chain of 30 advanced IR6 centrifuges. Previously, we had a chain of 20 advanced centrifuges which had been installed on April 9 of the current year. Now, the total number of our IR6 centrifuge machines has reached 60 with 10 SWUs each that will be totally 600 extra SWUs,” Salehi added.

News No: 7284
Date: 2019/11/05 - 21:53
News Source: Tehran Times

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