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China's Tangshan issues new Round of Production Cuts for Steel Mills

On 30 Oct, the Tangshan government issued has issued a notification stating that it has decided to re-initiate the grade II emergency response as part of its efforts to contain heavy polluting weather that is anticipated to occur from 1 Nov'19 due to worsened particulate dispersion conditions. This measure will be effective from 31 Oct'19 and lifting time will be notified at time deemed suitable.

Steel Mills:

Those steel mills classified under grade B group, sintering machine and pelleting equipment are required to shut down. In case, the response duration lasts for more than 120 hours, capacity limit thereafter needs to be kept 50% or above, calculated based on production lines.

Lime kiln are required to stop operation; Carbonation chamber of 6m or above should extend coking time to 28 hours and those under 6m to 36 hours. For those mills falling into grade C group, sintering machines and pelleting equipment should stop operation. In case emergency duration lasts for more than 120 hours, capacity limit should be at least 50% and blast furnace limit 50% as per capacity; Carbonation chamber of 6m or above should extend coking time to 28 hours and those under 6m to 36 hours.

Coking plants: Those falling into grade B/C groups should extend coking time to 36 hours.

Independent lime kiln: Those classified as grade B need to stop operation and those in grade C should shutdown.

Short route steel industry: Independent sintering, pelleting and rolling process should stop.

Foundry industry: Those falling into grade A should take liberty at emission reduction; those in B/C groups should stop all process relating with gas emission.
Besides, there are also relevant limits placed on glass industry,cement,brick making, pocerline, refractory industry etc.

For mobile polluting sources, such as vehicle at construction sites, those heavy-duty vehicles operating within urban districts as well as its use of fuel grade are also subject to limits to various extent.

News No: 7298
Date: 2019/10/31 - 18:29
News Source: SteelMint

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