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JML Industrie takes control of SPACE

SPACE, based in Italy, is internationally recognised for their design and construction of sand cooling and preparation equipment for green sand. The Italian equipment manufacturer was established in 1979 and has developed a unique methodology to achieve the highest quality sand with the lowest consumption of raw material, which is mainly Bentonite.

JML Industrie recently launched their new thermal sand preparation unit with low energy consumption. JML's expertise in green sand plant development combined with the SPACE team methodology will help foundries move towards greener production. 

Combining the SPACE and JML Italy team means JML Industrie now offers a complete sand plant with equipment internationally recognised as being of the strictest standards to their worldwide clients.
JML Industrie is consistently developing its European operations. The Italian arm opened last year and the workshop at JML France was expanded at the end of 2018.

Jean-Francois Bouveur, Sales Director at JML Industrie, further explains the reasons for this further investment: 

“Taking control of SPACE is part of our strategic vision towards industrial autonomy. We can now offer a complete sand plant with high performing equipment where the quality is recognized by foundries all over the world”

He went on to clarify:

“JML Italy, alongside the SPACE team will continue to deliver exceptional after sales service and consultations for clients. Both companies have 40 years’ industry experience and we believe it is a significant asset to be able share this knowledge across the teams. There are 5 core SPACE products which help complete our sand plant offer; the SPACE VR, SPACE MUR, SPACE GSM, SPACE PGF and SPACE MU.”

For JML Industrie, the ability to be able to offer clients the High-Intensity mixer SPACE VR as well as the SPACE MUR/JML pre-mixer cooler is a significant advantage. This combined with the opportunity for foundries to improve their green sand quality using the On-line Laboratory SPACE GSM, which allows for immediate additive adjustment within the mixer, puts the JML Industrie equipment and service offering in a strong position for the years to come. 

The SPACE PGF was first introduced in 1984 and is now recognised by many as the most accurate sand moisture controller. It is available for both batch and continuous mixers and allows for real-time control. Completing the sand plant is the SPACE MU which delivers a homogeneous distribution of water and additives in the return sand. This process helps spontaneous reactivation of the bentonite and therefore reduces the volume of additives required.

News No: 8255
Date: 2020/01/08 - 21:26
News Source: Foundry Planet

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