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World's 11 Largest Machines with Cast Parts

It is true that they exist and these machines are hard to miss. From monster transporters and super dozers, to gigantic excavators - there are all sorts of machiens to check out in the picture gallery.

The smallest machine among them, for example, is over 11 meters long and has a disproportionate output of an immense 1,150 hp (860 kW). Our number 1, on the other hand, trumps all machines in their length, which corresponds to the distance from Düsseldorf to Duisburg, i.e. approx. 27 km. All in all, they are among the largest and most powerful machines the world has ever seen.

Many of the machines are so huge that they made headlines and been featured by the film industry. Some of them have been shown in film and television series.

The team at wanted to sort these marvels of technology according to a unit of measurement and understandably chose the length in meters. If we had done this using a different unit of measurement, the ranking would of course be a little different. But one thing is certain - the machines all belong in this ranking.

News No: 8282
Date: 2020/01/11 - 18:13
News Source: Foundry Planet

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