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Top Banker: Iran May Get Part of Frozen Assets

A portion of Iran’s frozen financial assets will likely be freed for the purchase of medicine and basic commodities, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran said.

In comments on the sidelines of a Wednesday session of the Cabinet, Abdolnaser Hemmati raised the possibility that a part of the country’s frozen assets will be unblocked following the efforts made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank of Iran.

“Those assets had been frozen in other counties under pressure from the US government. According to the news we have received, these resources will probably be unfrozen,” Hemmati added.

He also expressed hope that the freed assets could be used to purchase basic commodities, medicine, medical equipment and the pressing needs of people.

“We have assigned the Central Bank experts to make sure that the resources being freed gradually will be spent on public welfare,” the CBI governor said.

In the cabinet session in the morning, President Hassan Rouhani said a plan would be under debate in the United Nations Security Council for lifting all of the sanctions against Iran because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are also trying to have our blocked money unfrozen,” Rouhani said.

News No: 8870
Date: 2020/03/25 - 18:53
News Source: Tasnim News Agency

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