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Iran University Students Develop Solar Car

The preliminary design of a solar car named 'Sepehr' (Sky) will be unveiled at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) this week.

It has been developed at Sepehr Research and Industrial Center affiliated to IUST. Ramin Hashemi, a university instructor at the faculty, said that over 14 months students designed the concept and the solar-powered vehicle, local automotive website reported.

The team designed the body and structure, suspension, brakes and electric system. "Such developments pave the way for more widespread research in the area of solar power," he said.

New technology used for designing the car's body has helped  significantly reduce energy consumption. The unveiling ceremony will be held on February 7 and will attended by auto industry executives and senior officials. 

Sepehr is not the first solar car made by university students in Iran. Students studying mechanics at the University of Tehran were pioneers in the area and built three editions of a solar car named Gazelle.  The Gazelle took part in several international solar competitions and completed a tour from the north to the south of Iran in July 2016. 


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