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Companies newly accepted to stock market to get special tax incentives

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyed Ali Khamenei has agreed with a plan for offering special tax exemptions and incentives to the companies that are accepted to the stock market in the current Iranian calendar year, IRNA reported.

As reported, President Hassan Rouhani has urged the Economy Ministry to take the necessary measures following the leader’s decision.

Although the Iranian stock market is a newly developed market and people have only recently gotten acquainted with its activities, this market has been booming in recent years.

In the past Iranian year 1398, the performance of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), which is the main stock market of Iran, was unprecedented, as its main index, TEDPIX, which had closed at 178,000 points at the end of the calendar year 1397, climbed to 512,000 points at the end of last year.

The recent developments of this market have encouraged the government to focus more on this sector as a potential source of capital for offsetting oil revenue shortages.

Many domestic companies have already offered their shares in the market, while much more are getting ready to join.

News No: 9733
Date: 2020/06/26 - 23:31
News Source: TehranTimes

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