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The Chairman of IMIDRO announced:

Large mining companies and HEPCO to sign 5 Memorandum of Cooperation under the leadership of IMIDRO

Deputy Minister of SMT and Chairman of IMIDRO said, “After acquisition of HEPCO by the Social Security Organization, IMIDRO’s supportive approach toward the company has not changed and regarding to the development missions of this organization and the national view, in the year of “Production Jump”, Mining sector and Mining Industries will certainly continue to support this long-serving manufacturer and develop the cooperation.”

The Chairman of IMIDRO announced,” IMIDRO together with Mobarakeh, Melli Mes, Gol Gohar, Chadormelo, Mining Investment Insurance Fund and Iran Mining House, with the aim of achieving the goals of “Production Jump” and supporting domestic production, will sign 5 separate memorandums to purchase products and services from HEPCO.”

According to IMIDRO’s Public Relations, “IMIDRO, by leading and inviting large mining firms and industries to support HEPCO, during the past months, has held the meetings to review problems and understand how to use the capacities of this experienced producer,” Khodadad Gharibpour added.

Noting that the demand of mining companies and mining industries for machinery and technical services has been assessed in cooperation with HEPCO, he said, "These companies have announced their needs by holding regular meetings and visits with the officials of HEPCO. The purchase of the company's products as well as the provision of technical services are considered in these memoranda."

Signing memorandums of understanding between large mining companies and HEPCO

Stating that 4 separate memorandums of understanding will be signed soon in cooperation with the Mining and Mineral Industries Department (led by IMIDRO), the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added, “These memoranda will be signed between HEPCO and Mobarakeh, Melli Mes, Gol Gohar and Chadormelo companies.”

"In these memoranda, supply of equipment required by mining companies and mining industries that HEPCO is able to manufacture, as well as the supply of spare parts and various equipment for the mining fleet and production lines has been seen,” he added.

Gharibpour said, "In cooperation with the mining sector and mining industries, HEPCO’s capacities have been identified. For example, Hepco has announced its readiness to repair companies' equipment such as excavators, hydraulic cylinders, rollers, etc."

Providing facilities by IMIDRO

Referring to another Memorandum of Understanding between the Mining sector and Mining Industries and this experienced producer, the Chairman of IMIDRO announced, “The fifth memorandum of understanding will be signed in trilateral between Iran Mining House, Mining Investment Insurance Fund (IMIDRO’s subsidiary) and HEPCO.

"In this memorandum, Iran Mining House is responsible for implementing the demands assessment program of the mining sector and mining industries for equipment and technical services in the field of mines," he continued.

“And the Mining Activities Investment Fund will provide facilities to applicants of HEPCO services,” Gharibpour said.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said, "Due to the need of mines for dump trucks, HEPCO needs a foreign partner to produce this product, and this company has started its negotiations with a prominent company that produces dump trucks."

News No: 9778
Date: 2020/07/26 - 21:49
News Source: IMIDRO

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